The Hand-Clap decision methodology is based on the Book Hand-Clap written by Roy Matalon, Which has been developed over many years of experience and is widely used by people worldwide. 

It provides advanced decision-making methodology for both businesses and individuals. 

We understand that in today’s complex world, important decisions have real consequences and involve difficult unpack tradeoffs.

Our Vision

Paving the Path Ahead - Hand Clap

Hand-Clap Vision is striving to create a future where data-driven insights, combined with human wisdom and body connection, empower individuals to make informed decisions, both big and small, while staying true to their values. We firmly believe that progress is achieved through fully informed decisions, made confidently and without regret. Our ultimate goal is to build a world that moves forward with a clear sense of purpose and deep wisdom, where technology and information serve as tools, and our values act as the compass. We are committed to working towards this future with each decision we make.

Our Mission

Guided by a Higher Purpose

Our aim is to simplify decision-making by using proven frameworks, custom data models, and AI. We assist individuals in resolving dilemmas, evaluating alternatives, and feeling confident in their choices.

People First

People are at the center of decision-making.